Kevin Woblick

Kevin Woblick

Hi! I'm Kevin. Web Engineer and Open Source Creator from Berlin, Germany.

I am working as a DevOps Engineer for Universal Music Germany.

Since starting with web development in 2008, I created a lot of different projects, including a StumbleUpon successor, a bookmark manager, a popular invoicing software, a web archive for video game quotes and many more.

Besides working on websites and web apps, I take photos from time to time. You can find most of my photos on Unsplash, Pixelfed and Flickr.


Versionfeeds screenshot


Create custom RSS feeds for releases of your favorite software.

Cloudhiker screenshot


Discover the most interesting, weird or awesome websites of the Internet.

LinkAce screenshot


An open source, self-hosted bookmark archive.

Game Quotes screenshot

Game Quotes

A collection of the best quotes from video games.

InvoicePlane screenshot


An open-source, self-hosted invoicing application.

HRI screenshot

HRI Berlin

Website for training and certification of flight personel.

Titaroq screenshot


One-Page info website about the Titaroq Gaming Clan.


No more 'Lorem ipsum', get some real quotes or speeches for your free text with this generator!


A privacy friendly Taboo game in your browser, playable with your friends and family.


A collection of my own short stories from the past years, partly based on Reddit Writing Prompts.


A website with a lot of detailed information about Chernobyl and Pripyat. Only available in German.


NGU Idle Item Comparator. Compare the statistics of two items from the game NGU Idle to optimize your gear.


A web tool to find the most profitable trades between two merchants. Made by a Gamer for Gamers.

Docker Stack

A Docker setup with minimal configuration and few files you can drop into many PHP-based projects.


A helper package for Laravel to retrieve properly formatted and encoded HTML meta tags of a website.


An up-to-date list of PHP hashes with their execution time and output length, perfect for comparison.

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